Hey,this is my first blog and I don’t know how to startup well so I would just come to the point.

The topic I am raising today on my first blog is regarding  “sexism”. When we look around the world we see that women are being discriminated like hell everywhere being it jobs ,career point of view,home front when a girl is deciding her career and what she will do when she grows up  her parents, neighbours and  relatives will suggest her to take up a profession in which she could give time to her family but this is never taught to a boy who is growing up, that how he should balance between his family and profession when he grows up and that’s the place where most of the men lack and this was my first point and my second point is the big hurdle which comes in the way of a girl ,the timmings of the job or work she does because in our society the time on the clock decides character of a girl.

In the above paragraph I wrote about how women are discriminated ,now I want to say or maybe write something which men face.We have seen that in many court cases where parents are being seperated the custody of the child is given to a mother because it is thought that mothers do better care of the child,but is it only mother’s love which  matter’s to a child and  is father the left over part of the dinner?

In other cases also preference is given to women and some innocent men are ignored .Is  this justice?

So ,now how will say gender equality exists in the world , their is always an imbalance and it may be on the either side.

In the last paragraph I would like to write about the LGBT community (lesbian,gay, bisexual and transgender). People usually say ,what is the mistake of a girl, if she’s a girl and not a boy because God has made her a girl,so I just want to say why people discrimate the lgbt’s ,they have not  done anything wrong!

At the last, I just want to say that I am a feminist because I not only support women but  I stand by LGBT and the men who are discriminated SILENTLY.


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